Saturday, May 23, 2015

Tomorrows Filmmakers: An Online Film School

I know it has been absolutely forever since I posted has been rather busy. I wish I could give an update on all that has happened in the past year, but alas! That must wait for another time. Just a quick tidbit that might explain my lack of posts: I have been courting an amazing man for 9 months now! God is faithful and he does provide! I cannot wait to update everyone on this new development.
So, on that note, I wanted to share with you an awesome source for anyone - any age, any place, any situation - interested in film or filmmaking. My beau has launched an INCREDIBLE online film academy designed for Christians who want to learn how to achieve excellence in filmmaking for God's glory. Or, if you are just interested in knowing how the filmmaking process works....whatever your level of expertise or interest, this is the source for you. I am not just saying this out of bias. This is truly one of the best online classes out there, and the only one in its category. Introducing: TOMORROWS FILMMAKERS!

Parents: This is a safe, clean environment for your child, teen, or college age student to learn about filmmaking without being worried what they will be taught.
Aspiring Filmmakers: Have you ever wondered if there is one source to find all the instruction you need that is also Christian? This is truly what you have been searching for. 
To learn more info, just watch the video below. Then, head on over to Tomorrows Filmmakers website. If you are even the slightest bit intrigued, you can sign up and get the FIRST MONTH FREE! Every Christian film artist should take this course, without question. So please, go and check it out. And if you are interested or know family or friends who would be, share it with them as well. Take this opportunity to further God's Kingdom through film! 

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